Analisa batere laptop dengan Battery Optimizer

Buat pengguna laptop, salah satu yang menjadi concern adalah penggunaan batere. Sekarang sudah ada Battery Optimizer, yaitu software dengan kemampuan untuk “meningkatkan mutu” pemakaian batere laptop kita.

Battery Optimizer is a small application designed to perform various tasks that improve battery life on a laptop PC. The first thing it does when you start it up is provide a nice big graphic detailing battery life in percentage and time. It calculates battery life its own way rather than relying on Windows’ estimates, and Battery Optimizer seems to be more accurate in that respect.

Fitur2 yang ada di BATTERY OPTIMIZER:

  • Extended Laptop Battery Life – Through advanced diagnostics, Battery Optimizer can help you increase your battery life.
  • Battery Usage Warnings – You can set up Battery Optimizer to warn you when you battery usage increases to a certain level.
  • Easy To Use – Optimizing you battery life is quick and easy with intelligent profiles for quick settings changes.
  • Unrivalled Technology – No one else offers the advanced features that Battery Optimizer can offer.
  • Light footprint – Your Computers performance won’t be effected while you use Battery optimizer

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