Game buat ngusir jenuh

iRekan-rekan alumni,

Kadang kita suka jenuh kalo pas lagi ga tau mau ngapain. Kalo pas lagi ada koneksi internet,bisa nyobaiin game ini nh : LaBrute. Game brantem2 yang lucu dan unik.

La Brute

Pas daftar kita dapet satu karakter dengan kemampuan yg random, bisa dapet senjata, hewan peliaraan dll. Websitenya bahasa perancis tapi ada ketemu satu petunjuk registernya dari :


  1. Click here to create your character
  2. Pick you Character Name and Avatar
  3. Click Valider
  4. There will be a fight with your referrer. Less likely you’ll win.
  5. Click the link after the fight.
  6. You’ll get yourself in the you main page.
  7. Click “choisir un code secret” to put password for your character
  8. Go fight in the “ARENE”
  9. You can ask your friends to join you using the provided url. It’s
  10. You will entitled to fight in the arena 3 times each day. Go back everyday to play ) By the way, bookmark your homepage,
  11. When you get back to you homepage, click “S’identifier pour aller dans l’arène” to login.
  12. You can even see your own dojo to list all character that join referred by you in

Coba aja, and enjoy the fight….